Powerlifting Club

The Fighting Fit Powerlifting Club at the WSA Single Lifts, December 7th 2014

Founded in 2014 due to member requests, Torfaen Powerlifting Club is open to any member who wishes to have a go at the sport of Powerlifting. Powerlifting competition is based around 3 major barbell lifts:

  • The Back Squat
  • The (paused) Bench Press and
  • The Deadlift

The goal is to lift the most weight possible for 1 repetition whilst adhering to a strict set of rules regarding form.

Competitions are divided up into Male and Female Categories, and then further divided by body weight. Each competitor gets three attempts on each lift, for a total of 9 lifts per competition.

Powerlifting is a great sport to be part of for both women and men, with a very friendly and welcoming community, especially in Wales. All levels of strength are catered for (so long as you can lift more than an empty barbell!) and you'll get respect from even the strongest of lifters for simply stepping up onto the platform and having a go!

For more information on Powerlifting, check out the Welsh Powerlifting Website

All of the strength and fitness programmes we offer are currently overseen by Alastair Eustace, ASCC, BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching, UKSCA Accredited S&C Coach.